Volkswagen maintenance is the second most awesome thing you can do as a VW customer. The first most awesome thing you can do is purchase or lease a VW vehicle, which is kind of the obvious one. It sorta makes step #2 possible. But now that it's party time, do you know what's involved with Volkswagen maintenance? Should you come here? Should you go there? Spoiler alert: no! Servicing at O'Steen Volkswagen, your certified Volkswagen dealer in Jacksonville, means that you'll get the service and savings that you can count on. Scroll on, friends!

Volkswagen Maintenance Cost

OK. Let's call out the elephant in the service area waiting lounge. Your Volkswagen maintenance reminder has come on. It's time for a service. And maybe you think the dealership is the last place you should go because of pricing, right? Nightmares about your impending Volkswagen Jetta maintenance cost have you waking up in cold sweats screaming, "Nein!" Many people feel that way until they discover one of two things:

  • Discovery #1: We've got VW service coupons and VW maintenance specials on just about everything. So get the savings that matter most. From the place that knows how to fix your car the right way.

  • Discovery #2: In order to keep your new car warranty in good standing, Volkswagen maintenance has to happen here! Don't get stuck needing an engine because the quick-lube on the corner used the wrong oil & filter. It happens. We've seen it. It's never worth it.

The reality is, we're on your side. We always have been and we always will be. Remember that whole Drivers Wanted thing? We love our customers. We want you to love your Volkswagen vehicle as much as you did when you got it. So we keep your Volkswagen Golf maintenance cost (and every other model, come to think of it) down to a minimum. Search our Volkswagen service coupons to see what we mean.

Volkswagen Maintenance Schedule

Volkswagen maintenance is pretty easy. For almost 20 years, every Volkswagen vehicle has gotten service at 10k-mile intervals. Your new Volkswagen Tiguan maintenance schedule? We'll see you at 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k, and so on. But what about a 2006 VW Beetle Cabriolet? You got it! Every 10k miles.

Just because the Volkswagen maintenance interval is spaced out nice and evenly, it doesn't mean that every service is the same. We'll check out a bunch of different things at every checkpoint. The more miles you have, the more things we look at. You've earned all those miles. And we want to help you earn some more. We know that the odometer is like a badge of honor to some of our drivers. So we'll help you go the distance.

No appointment? No problem. Swing on by at your convenience for an oil change, filter changes, tire rotations, a battery service, and more. Our Volkswagen Service Center is here to help during normal business hours, but if something comes up, we're happy to accommodate an after-hours drop-off. One of our service advisors will follow up with you and get the ball rolling.

So. It's Volkswagen maintenance pop quiz time. How frequently do you need to come in and see us for service? You got it. And do you need an appointment for the basic stuff? The force is strong with this one. Das ist gut. Das ist very gut.


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