Volkswagen Taos Gas Mileage: Range, MPG, Tank Size

VW Taos Gas Mileage

While many people love the VW Taos for its spacious two rows of seating, standard and available safety and driver assistance features, and smooth handling around corners, learning about VW Taos gas mileage is likely important before you go all-in on this vehicle. Fortunately, it is well-equipped in this aspect as well. Its 1.5-liter, 158-horsepower engine, combined with front-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic transmission, delivers up to an EPA-estimated 28/36 MPG (City/Highway).1 However, different selections can net different results. To get a greater idea of what to expect with this vehicle, read on.

Taking a Closer Look at VW Taos Gas Mileage

While the engine remains the same across this vehicle's three trims (the S, SE, and SEL), you have the choice between front-wheel drive and 4Motion AWD on the bottom two trims. (AWD comes standard at the SEL level). The AWD option also switches out the eight-speed automatic transmission for a seven-speed direct shift gearbox (DSG) system.

AWD is often appreciated by those who drive in inclement weather because it provides better traction on slick surfaces. Those who drive through hilly terrains or experience other uneven terrains, like what happens off-roading, can also appreciate the extra sure-footedness these systems provide.

However, AWD systems tend to be heavier than 2WD ones, which results in lowered fuel economy. Therefore, with this setup, you can expect a slightly lower but still impressive 25/32 MPG (City/Highway).1

How Far Can You Go With This VW Taos Gas Mileage?

For 2023, this vehicle comes with a 13.2-gallon gas tank in FWD models. AWD ones have a 14.5-gallon VW Taos gas tank size. This means that you could, in theory, travel for over 475 miles on the highway with a VW Taos S with front-wheel drive and over 460 miles on the highway with a VW Taos SEL. What is VW Taos gas type? Regular unleaded gas is perfect.

How To Boost VW Taos Fuel Efficiency

While the EPA-estimated VW Taos MPG is enviable, certain steps you take or don't take will impact your VW Taos gas mileage. For example, you should make sure to adhere to the recommendations in your SUV's owner's manual for when to take it in for oil changes and similar services, which improve the vehicle's efficiency and help prevent damage to internal components.

Avoid loading your vehicle with excess weight, which can slow down its progress on the road, and pick routes with less stop-and-go traffic when possible.

Find Your Next Volkswagen Vehicle Today

If you have more questions about VW Taos gas economy or just want to test drive this vehicle for yourself, visit our Volkswagen dealer in Jacksonville. Our team will be happy to answer whatever is on your mind or get you the keys to this comfortable, technology-infused SUV. In addition to the new VW Taos for sale in Jacksonville, we can also help you meet other Volkswagen vehicles, including something from our electrified lineup, that can get rid of your reliance on the pump altogether.

While we hope you drive off our lot thrilled with your new ride, we also hope that won't be the last time that we see you, as our service department is filled with knowledgeable individuals, state-of-the-art equipment, and OEM parts to keep your vehicle at top performance. Stop by to see us today.

FAQs About VW Taos Gas Mileage

Which Volkswagens have the best gas mileage?

Volkswagen has the VW ID.4, an SUV that does not need gas to go for miles and miles. However, among gasoline-run Volkswagen vehicles, the VW Taos offers you the best fuel economy with an EPA-estimated MPG of 28/36 MPG (City/Highway)1 when you choose front-wheel drive, which comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission. You can also get this vehicle with the same 1.5-liter engine but with all-wheel drive. While this reduces the fuel economy somewhat, you'll still get 25/32 MPG (City/Highway)1.

Is the VW Taos fuel-efficient?

The VW Taos is considered a fuel-efficient SUV. It has a VW Taos gas mileage of 28/36 MPG (City/Highway)1 when you opt for the standard front-wheel drive system found in the S or SE trim levels. If you want the perks associated with the upper-tier SEL trim or if you want AWD to help you keep control better on slippery roads, your fuel economy dips a little bit to 25/32 MPG (City/Highway)1. However, this can still help you save at the pump compared to many other SUVs.

1EPA estimates only. Your results will vary.

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