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The Volkswagen bus is a vehicle time can't seem to conquer. This persistent pusher has become the face of long road trips and good times that come from off the script. Once you're behind the wheel of the classic Volkswagen microbus, you'll understand why it's provided a canvas for exploratory excellence for so long.

Envelop yourself in the Volkswagen bus experience at our used Volkswagen dealer in Jacksonville, and open up a new world of on-road thrills powered forward by the lineage of a legendary model.

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The Bus for Us

Some cars have made such an impact that you'd know exactly what you're in for if we dropped you blindly into their driver's seats. Some sports cars announce their speed as soon as you feel their presence, electric models often expand their futuristic technology throughout the cabin from under the hood, and "large-and-in-charge" trucks make you feel their torque.

The same is true for the classic Volkswagen bus. Whether you're nestled in the back under a starry night or have the whole crew in tow towards a remote campground, this bus is meant for fun times with those you cherish most. It's a full-bellied beast that's already stood the test of time and wants to see what you have in store for the treacherous treks of the future. An unmistakable silhouette lets you and slack-jawed onlookers know that packing up and heading out for the weekend is not exclusive to any decade. Sharing smiles and laughter with friends and family far from home is as essential to human happiness as it was back at the debut of the 1970 VW bus. While so much of the world has changed, gathering for good times remains the best.

Let the good times roll in a VW bus for sale. We'll get the party started in our used Volkswagen cars for sale section in Jacksonville and have you back out chasing the horizon in a head-turning, adaptable, tried-and-true traveler.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Volkswagen Bus

We're extremely fortunate and proud to have a staff composed of car geeks and gearheads that love helping their neighbors as much as they love all the nitty and gritty details of cars present, past, and future. It's our joy to be able to share our knowledge with you and solve problems local drivers bring to us. As you can imagine, there are lots of questions that arise when talking about a car that debuted long before the on-board navigation system or even before seat belt laws had spread throughout America.

We've compiled some questions we hear all the time inside our showroom, and we hope these answers help you find your way, as they have for drivers interested in timeless classics that can still go.

What engine is in a 1972 VW bus?

The 1972 VW bus switched to the "Type IV" engine. The engine was originally designed in 1968 for the specifications of the VW 411/412, the fourth type of vehicle VW made and thus referred to as the "Type IV." This, too, was a horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine, making the 1972 Volkswagen bus larger inside and out than previous iterations.

When is the electric VW bus coming out?

That's right! A road-tested relic of the past is getting a marvelous makeover powered by pure electricity. You'll be able to sink into the comforts of a car inspired by a lineage of leaders and fit for the future. Carve out an interstate road trip without stamping a heavy carbon footprint down wherever you go. Enjoy an unparalleled experience inside the electric Volkswagen Microbus; a pumped-up plug-in destined for a new dawn will be available for American drivers in 2023.

How much is a VW bus worth?

As cars that immediately evoke memories and images of a time long gone by, VW Microbuses that are well maintained have appreciated quite well over the years. Even with the debut of the electric VW bus, classic Volkswagen bus models still represent a cherished moment in time and memories of thrills on and off the open road. Some models, because of their extremely limited quantity, fetch a high asking price when kept in pristine condition. For example, a rare 21-window 1965 VW Type II Volkswagen Bus sold for over $300,000 earlier this year. Drivers looking to pick up a VW bus should know this road-traveled relic is not your average van and should expect a wide range of prices and car conditions.

What is the Volkswagen hippie van called?

That's not the actual name - believe it or not. The van you may be picturing officially came out of the factory as the Volkswagen Type 2 (the Beetle was the Type 1). Affectionately dubbed the "transporter," the Volkswagen bus became a preferred mode of transportation in the US during the 1960s and is synonymous with the American counterculture and anti-war movements of the time.

A Bus Built to Last

If you're interested in a car from long ago that brings more to the table than being a stationary museum exhibit, a Volkswagen bus with plenty of pep in its step may be the way to go.

While there's no denying the gap in technology throughout the vehicle between these stalwarts of a different time and the new Volkswagen cars for sale that fill our lot today, there's something to be said for a classic car that seems to defy time's limits. Endless escapades await you and your next vehicle, so come down and meet our staff of classic car connoisseurs.

They'll introduce you to an old friend that always makes you feel like bygone years have melted away. That old friend is the ever-awesome Volkswagen bus.

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