If you're shopping for Volkswagen certified pre-owned cars and SUVs, you'll be glad to know we carry VW CPO for sale at our Volkswagen dealer in Jacksonville.

Drivers who want a used car that's relatively new and offers many of the latest features found on new cars for sale, as well as warranty protection, love our inventory of certified pre-owned cars for those very reasons.

Volkswagen certified pre-owned cars offer peace of mind and value because of their standard equipment, mileage, and age. But, what does certified pre-owned mean? What is a CPO car? We'll answer those questions and a few more common questions about the benefits of certified used cars.

How Does a Car Become CPO?

Let's take a look at what it takes to qualify as Volkswagen certified pre-owned. After we list the CPO requirements, you'll want to come to our dealership to shop our VW CPO for sale in Jacksonville.

The first requirement any used car must meet to be considered for CPO status is to be less than 7 years old and have less than 75,000 miles on the odometer.

Once those basic requirements are met, the vehicle is then subjected to a 100+ point dealer inspection that combs through the vehicle from bumper to bumper. This inspection checks the engine, transmission, brakes, and steering for performance, safety, and reliability. If any part or component fails the inspection, it is repaired or replaced.

The next step to achieve Volkswagen certified pre-owned status is a visual inspection of the exterior and interior. The vehicle must meet a certain appearance standard as well as a performance standard.

If you are trying to decide between one of our new Volkswagen cars for sale and one of our Volkswagen certified pre-owned cars, we'd like to point out that drivers love CPO used cars for sale because of the confidence they bring.

The last step in meeting the CPO requirements is every certified pre-owned Volkswagen vehicle includes a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™, so you know the full service and accident history of the vehicle, as well as any title problems, so you are fully informed.

Volkswagen Warranty

If you have questions about what comes with the VW factory warranty or if a 2019 VW warranty transfers to a CPO model, let's go over the VW warranty policy on CPO cars for sale.

Model Year 2017 and older vehicles:Model Year 2018 and 2019 vehicles:Model Year 2020 and newer vehicles:
2-Year or 24,000-Mile1-Year or 12,000-Mile2-Year or 24,000-Mile
(whichever comes first) Comprehensive Limited Warranty1&2(whichever comes first) Comprehensive Limited Warranty3(whichever comes first) Comprehensive Limited Warranty4

VW CPO Warranty Benefits

When you shop our Volkswagen certified pre-owned inventory, your Volkswagen Atlas warranty will change based upon the model year you select. For instance, a 2018 VW warranty will have a one-year or 12,000-mile (whichever comes first) comprehensive limited warranty.3

If you have any questions about a Volkswagen Tiguan warranty on a 2017 Tiguan vs. 2020 Tiguan, please get in touch with our sales department. Our team is here to answer all of your questions about Volkswagen certified pre-owned warranty benefits.

Sell Your Car for Cash

Since you're considering one of our Volkswagen certified pre-owned cars for sale, you might be wondering where we find our cars. Well, you asked the question, and you're the answer. When drivers choose to upgrade to a new or CPO VW, they often trade in their used car to our dealership to lower the price of their purchase.

If you'd like to sell your car for cash or want ways to maximize your trade-in value, contact our dealership. We can appraise your car in minutes and just need some basic information about your vehicle to start the process. You can even use our used-car trade-in appraisal form on our website to get your free estimate.

After you trade in your car, we'll put it through the CPO inspection process to see if it qualifies for a space in our CPO inventory.

VW CPO Used-Car Financing

Once you pick out one of our Volkswagen certified pre-owned SUVs for sale, it will be time to choose an affordable auto loan to help you take it home. That's where our in-house finance team comes in. The agents in our office care about seeing you get the auto loan you deserve.

To get started, you can complete a credit application over the phone or through our website and see if you are pre-approved for used-car credit.

When it's time to make your purchase, our finance team can go over ways to lower your monthly car payment by putting down more at signing or extending the length of your finance term. A five-year auto loan will generally have lower payments than a three-year loan if you're trying to save on your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Volkswagen certified pre-owned mean?

A used car for sale that is certified pre-owned means that the car has met rigorous requirements for age, mileage, performance, appearance, title status, and accident history. Late-model CPO VW vehicles for sale also typically come with warranty benefits in addition to the original six-year/72,000-mile new-car warranty, which can increase warranty protection to seven years or 84,000 miles, whichever comes first.

What is Volkswagen CPO warranty?

Certified pre-owned Volkswagen models come with additional warranty protections depending on the age of the vehicle. This warranty protection often ranges between two years/24,000 miles and one year/12,000 miles, whichever comes first, and gives drivers confidence and reasons to buy CPO cars for sale. This warranty protection is in addition to whatever is left of the original six-year/72,000-mile new-car warranty.

Is battery covered under VW CPO warranty?

For a comprehensive list of the parts and components covered by the VW factory warranty and VW CPO warranty, please contact our service department. The VW Battery Warranty is typically three years/36,000 miles, whichever comes first. Other common warranty protections include the VW Brake Pads Warranty of one year/12,000 miles.

Shop CPO Cars for Sale at O'Steen Volkswagen

We hope we've answered your questions about the benefits of our Volkswagen certified pre-owned cars for sale and why you should buy a CPO car. Please let us know if there's anything else you'd like to know, and we'll help you find a used car you'll love. Swing by for a test drive today.

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