Certified Pre-Owned Vs. Used Volkswagen: What's The Difference?

Used VS Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen

This certified pre-owned vs. used Volkswagen page will flesh out the differences between two types of used Volkswagen vehicles. Either way, you'll get a great car when you shop here at O'Steen Volkswagen, your certified Volkswagen dealer in Jacksonville. We take the time to do what's right by you, and we don't just rush a car through the recon process. We think our value comes across in every vehicle we sell. The details matter. And that's what we're all about.

What Does Pre-Owned Mean?

"Pre-owned" is a title given to any used car. This could be everything from a manager's demo, courtesy vehicle, or '79 VW Bus. In other words, someone has used it, has put on miles, and stands between you (the previous owner) and the original equipment manufacturer. Now, the differences between a certified pre-owned vs. used Volkswagen are the length of the remaining warranty, inspections, and servicing. Even if you get a used Volkswagen from us, our team will inspect, service, sanitize, and detail every vehicle that makes it to our front line. Find the perfect used Volkswagen for sale and see just how far we go to make sure that all of them are ready to go the distance.

What Does Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen Mean?

A certified pre-owned vs. used Volkswagen just means that the used Volkswagen in question has built-in warranty products specific to the vehicle. For instance, with a certified pre-owned VW, you'll enjoy:

  • A 100+ point dealer inspection
  • Service with genuine Volkswagen parts
  • A complimentary CARFAX® history report
  • A 3-month trial to SiriusXM radio
  • 24/7/365 roadside assistance
  • An up to 2-year/24,000-mile limited warranty

With that factory-backed warranty, many drivers love taking home a certified pre-owned Volkswagen for sale. But just because some of them are certified and some aren't, it doesn't necessarily mean that one is better.

What Is the Difference Between Pre-Owned and Certified?

Certified pre-owned vs. used looks at the type of warranty the vehicle may have. We've discussed some of the main differences in the previous section, but does that mean that certified pre-owned vehicles are the way to go? Well, that depends. Let's take another look at warranties with a slightly different perspective:

  • Older Used Vehicle - These vehicles are out of the window where certified coverage or the remaining new car coverage would be in force. But that doesn't mean they can't have a warranty. Our finance department has several different aftermarket options available so that if you choose to go home with something from an earlier vintage, you've got the coverage you need.

  • New Car Warranty - Yes. A used car can have the balance remaining of a new car warranty. If you find a manager's demo or a service loaner, they are technically used. However, these vehicles will enjoy their new car warranty but from their initial date of service. Meaning, these vehicles' warranty clock starts ticking from the time we start using them. You enjoy the best of both worlds: the current model year with the remaining new car warranty, along with used car savings.

Certified Pre-Owned vs. Used Volkswagen Summary

So which type of warranty is best? Well, there's a tradeoff in everything. The older you go, the more savings you'll find when compared to the original MSRP. However, these vehicles won't come with a warranty, and if you'd like one, then you'll have to pay a small amount for a warranty product. Then there's a new car. New cars command top-dollar, and they also offer the most coverage. Splitting the difference between these two — balancing the most savings with assurances from the factory — are certified pre-owned vehicles. Drop one of our sales associates a line. They'd be glad to tell you exactly what's involved with the car of your choice.

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