Tire Alignment Service in Jacksonville, FL

Tire Alignment Service

Because of how much contact they have with the road, your tires are among the parts of your vehicle that need the most attention, including Volkswagen tire alignment service after something upsets your setup. For example, you likely know the familiar jolt of going over a bad pothole. In the aftermath, your vehicle might start aiming to the left or right even when you're holding the steering wheel straight. To learn more about the benefits of this maintenance and when it is necessary, read on.

What Does Volkswagen Tire Alignment Involve?

When you drive a new car off the lot, the wheels are carefully positioned according to the manufacturer's guidelines so that they "listen" to the instructions of your steering wheel as closely as possible. However, driving over rough conditions can knock one or more of your tires off course, making it harder to anticipate or control the angle of your vehicle when driving.

During your wheel alignment appointment, our team will make camber, caster, and toe adjustments to your vehicle as necessary. The first refers to altering the inward or outward tilt of the wheels, as viewed from the front; the second pertains to the angle of your steering axis, and the third relates to inward or outward tilting as viewed from above. Adjustments made, we'll then reset your car's steering angle sensor.

Why Is VW Tire Alignment Important?

Small misalignments might not seem like a big deal or even be immediately noticeable. However, unwanted tilting can worsen with time and pose a more significant risk if you are driving at high speeds or conditions become slick in Jacksonville, FL. There are other consequences you might not be fond of either. For instance, vehicles that aren't performing optimally can't maximize their fuel economy, causing drivers to spend more money at the pump.

Misaligned tires will also wear unevenly, speeding you towards the day you'll need tire replacement. Therefore, getting prompt VW tire alignment service when you notice a problem can save you a lot of time and money.

What are signs you should look out for? In addition to having difficulty driving straight, you might have noisier drives. Your steering system might sound strained, or the tires can squeal. Check your tires regularly for signs of quick, severe, or uneven wear.

You should especially pay attention following a rough impact, such as going over a pothole or curb. You can also try to take precautionary measures to prevent misalignment, like maintaining the recommended pressure in your tires and avoiding rough roads when possible.

What Other Kinds of Care Do Your Tires Require?

We will also use your visits to ensure that other aspects of your tires are in good condition. For example, potholes can cause tires to become unbalanced as well as misaligned, so we’ll check that out.

Are you wondering what the difference is between tire balancing vs. alignment? You're not alone. We've already gone over alignment, but balancing involves adding tiny weights to counteract the fact that wheels are not perfectly round (especially after being worn down by road conditions). This process keeps the tires' center of gravity as close to the center of assembly as possible.

Meanwhile, tire rotation involves moving tires from one area of the car to the other. For example, the front-left tire might move to the back-right. This helps to distribute wear across tires more evenly. If you have a front-wheel drive car, the front tires will experience more friction than the back ones. Swapping them out makes sure there is not a wild difference in tread depths that could lead to a loss of control or a blowout. As such, make sure to consult your car's owner's manual and follow the recommended service schedule. Replace your tires when they get close to having 2/32" of tread depth.

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Unlike many other car maintenance services, how often you need tire alignment service has no hard and fast rule. However, you should have an expert check out how it's doing at least once a year when getting oil change service to make sure your car components are working together the way they should be. This service is also recommended if you're having new tires installed.

Fortunately, our service center has you covered no matter what kind of car care is on the agenda. Rely on us for brake service, battery service, air conditioner issues, and more. We'll get you in and out quickly while still doing everything we can to make your drives smoother and extend the lifespan of your car components. Arrange an appointment today.

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