Volkswagen Remote Start: How Does It Work?

Volkswagen Remote Start

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If you think the new Volkswagen remote start system is somehow attached to the key fob, get ready to have your mind blown. If you haven’t seen what these new VW vehicles can do, they'll resemble science fiction more than anything else. Gone are the days when a remote start system was installed after the fact and integrated into your handset. It's a brave new world out there, and it's run by a system called telematics. This page will provide you with an overview of this system and how to use your phone (or smartwatch) to remote start your vehicle.

The Volkswagen Remote Start App

Introducing VW Car-Net®. Your gateway to awesomeness. Your app with an attitude. Well, the app doesn't have an attitude. But it does make you feel like you're a 00-agent capable of anything. So what is VW Car-Net® exactly, and how does it all work?

At the time of delivery with any new Volkswagen for sale, your delivery specialist will help you sync your phone to your vehicle. They'll also set up your VW Car-Net® app so that you, your phone, and your VW vehicle become one. You're able to do more than you ever thought possible. Let's look at a few scenarios.

Why all the fuss about a Volkswagen remote start system from your phone? Here's a great real-world example. You're enjoying one of our beautiful beaches. It's been several hours on the sand. Your tan is perfect. And your cabin has been baking. But wait. You remember your VW Car-Net® demonstration at delivery. As you pack up from the beach, grab your phone, start your vehicle, and set the AC to cool down your cabin ahead of your arrival. Your vehicle stays locked until your key is within range. Enter, and go.

Volkswagen Remote Start
Volkswagen Remote Start

Here's another favorite feature of your Volkswagen remote start app. Directions! How many times have you left the movie theater or grocery store only to forget where you've parked your car. It happens to the best of us. And fortunately, VW Car-Net® has a few solutions. If you think you're close to where your vehicle might be, VW Car-Net® can flash your lights and honk your horn. If you're really at a loss, no worries. Your phone can show you a bread-crumb walking trail back to your vehicle from your current location.

Let's look at another case. You've got our compact third-row SUV. You took a cab to the airport for your vacation. And you're in the German Alps, ready to blast down the slopes. But you get a text from your best friend who lives in the neighborhood. Their car broke down. They need wheels. You can remote start your Volkswagen Tiguan before your black diamond run. It's there, in the driveway, running & waiting for your friend to arrive. You get confirmation. Then you unlock your doors, allowing them access. They've got wheels. You've got complete control.

Curious about some other ways your Volkswagen remote start system can be of use? Stop by your friendly neighborhood Volkswagen dealer in Jacksonville for a demonstration. One of our vehicle reps will be able to tell you about VW Car-Net® and all the flexibility and convenience it offers.

Volkswagen Remote Start Installation

Good news. Volkswagen remote start is already pre-installed in every new Volkswagen vehicle. There's no physical Volkswagen remote start installation. Just activation. There's also no additional equipment to buy — just your smartphone. Configure your app, sync your car to your device, and you're off to the races. Or the golf course. Or school. Or work. Or wherever your new Volkswagen Atlas can take you. Let's ponder some other useful questions.

Does Volkswagen offer remote start?

It sure does! Volkswagen remote start is just one of the many capabilities from an app called VW Car-Net®. You can pre-set your cabin temperature, unlock your doors, navigate back to your vehicle, and much more.

Can you add remote start to a VW Jetta?

More great news. Every new Volkswagen Jetta comes with remote start via the VW Car-Net® app. If you drive an earlier model VW Jetta and do not have VW Car-Net®, then yes. A qualified accessory installer can equip your vehicle with a remote start that operates via a fob.

Does the VW Tiguan have remote start?

Volkswagen Tiguan remote start is standard. Pick out any new Volkswagen Tiguan. Drive off in confidence knowing that you've got the latest capabilities thanks to VW Car-Net®, which includes remote start, remote climate control, remote location tracking, and more.

Volkswagen Remote Start Your Deal

Unrelated to VW Car-Net®, you can still do a few more remote operations regarding your new Volkswagen vehicle. Like buying it online. Get a remote start on your purchase by using our digital retailing tools. There's nothing like instant gratification. Browse our website. Pick your favorite. And in minutes, you can be on your way to VW ownership.

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