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Learning about all the VW Atlas hidden features is like stepping into a new world of treasures long kept out of view. Once we show you all that lies behind the curtain that covers the new VW Atlas for sale, it'll feel like someone has taken the blindfold from your eyes. Whether you're a current owner of a stout and strong 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021 VW Atlas, or you're just interested in adding a compact SUV to your garage, this helpful guide will allow you to see all the hidden gems these large cars have to offer.

So, without further ado, here's our year-by-year breakdown of the VW Atlas hidden features and how they enhance the Volkswagen Atlas model's driving and passenger experiences.

How Do the VW Atlas Hidden Features Differ by Year?

An essential piece of information to know right off the bat is that the VW Atlas hidden features are not the same from year to year. So if you're a current driver of a VW Atlas model, make sure you're reading the part of this guide that is about the car you own or lease specifically. As you might imagine, there are some features in more recent models that have been developed with cutting-edge technology that simply weren't available before the year it debuted. Other VW Atlas hidden features harken back to yesteryear and give your cabin a blast from the past. If you want up-to-date features, consider taking advantage of our VW Atlas lease deals.

But no matter which year or trim level of the VW Atlas you have, you're sure to be driving a car capable of an outstanding on-road experience and that aims to deliver top performance with every mile. These versatile SUV models have plenty of verve and you'll love (or already love) their sturdiness, utility, and multi-faceted brilliance as soon as you take the wheel. Get another sense of all the VW Atlas hidden features in each yearly model.

What are the 2018 VW Atlas hidden features?

The 2018 VW Atlas hidden features are based on getting every inch out of your cabin for maximum usefulness for storage and passengers. SUVs must prove their value by being able to slide around in perfect customization to fit whatever you need in addition to being able to fit anything and everything. A couple of VW Atlas hidden features on the 2018 model make this happen.

The first hidden feature is a seating configuration that allows for legroom for even the tallest passenger when seated in the rear. The 2018 VW Atlas can be positioned so that the third-row seats are folded down and the second row slides back over them. This way, passengers can stretch their legs and toss in luggage all the way up to the front row.

Another example of the 2018 VW Atlas hidden features is the storage compartment for the vehicle's cargo cover — something industry experts really spotlighted as a car geek's dream. It points to a desire Volkswagen has to always be thinking ahead and having a place for everything in the car at all times, whether it's being used or not.

What are the 2019 VW Atlas hidden features?

The 2019 VW Atlas hidden features point to an evolution in the VW Atlas hidden features geared towards the passengers themselves. In the 2019 VW Atlas, the VW Atlas hidden features allow drivers of certain trim lines to personalize their in-car experience down to their very specific preferences. Drivers can set up their favorite in-cabin climate preferences, radio stations, or Bluetooth connectivity preferences, size-specific seat positions, and more. It's a whole other level of personal in-car catering that spares no detail. The other hidden feature worth noting is increased car seat anchors for those first memory-making trips with the little ones.

What are the 2020 VW Atlas hidden features?

There are several 2020 VW Atlas hidden features that unlock your VW Atlas as you've never seen before. Firstly, the VW Atlas can show you the entire map in the digital cluster, giving you unfiltered and easy accessibility to directions with ease. There's a full eight inches of ground clearance and the liners surrounding all four wheels are engineered and designed to reduce outside sound inside the vehicle. A hands-free power liftgate makes every bag-carrying parking lot jaunt easier and seat belts in the third row have clips that are meant to reduce tangling between the belts as you fold the seats up and down.

What are the 2021 VW Atlas hidden features?

Two future-oriented 2021 VW Atlas hidden features will assist drivers, new and old, in ways they never imagined possible in previous models. New driver-assistance features boost safety like never before thanks to Traffic Jam Assist and lane-centering steering that give you more stability in high-traffic situations where you need it most.

A speed limit notification, something parents may want to employ while training a budding driver, is another noteworthy, safety-based VW Atlas hidden feature.

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If the combination of size, speed, strength, and space wasn't enough to persuade you to check out the various VW Atlas models at the new VW dealer near St. Augustine, perhaps these VW Atlas hidden features will do the trick. Visit a dealership near you and discover a new world of SUV brilliance that will make your garage the starting point for exploring a world full of great times and memories out on the road.

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